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Colleen Reilly, Counsellor & Psychotherapist Graduate Diploma of Counselling & Psychotherapy, Specialist Certificate in Couple Therapy.

With effort from both partners and supportive guidance and awareness from an impartial other, the couple can renew and discover their essential balance. Couples can begin to open up to the opportunities available to them in their relationship. 

I have specialist training in couple and relationship therapy and am passionate about counselling. I facilitate bringing difficult issues into an open, safe and supportive therapeutic environment. 

I work with couples:

•    Who desire greater communication, intimacy, and relationship satisfaction; 
•    With those wishing to explore issues before committing to living together, marriage or starting a family; 
•    With parenting issues;
•    With those who may be feeling distant and disconnected, have frequent negative conflict e.g. arguments and/or silent ‘shut-outs’,                    unhelpful patterns of behaviour & infidelity;
•    Who are in the process of separation.

I also assist individuals:
•    dealing with loss and grief; 
•    with anxiety; 
•    low self-esteem; 
•    low mood; 
•    work and relationship dissatisfaction;
•    searching for direction and meaning in life. 

My therapeutic approach is person-centred, emotion-focused and humanistic. I believe in each person’s potential to recognize and honour their hopes, aspirations and values in their relationships, and in life. By assisting my clients to see the patterns they create in their relationship and the impacts this has, they can then begin to see the choices and possibilities available to them. This opens the door to personal and relationship growth. 

It is my aim in therapy to support couples and individuals to achieve their potential. This can be achieved through building greater awareness of self and by balancing the mind and heart in harmony.                        

Feel free to contact me on 0413 542 653 or by email at

PACFA Registered:  Provisional.   ACA Level 2.