dr melissa harte


As the founder of a thriving private practice, I work with clients from a range of socio-economic backgrounds who are struggling with mental health concerns.  Issues range from depression and anxiety to more serious problems such as those which have may have resulted from trauma and hardship experienced earlier in life.

I offer a warm and caring therapeutic approach, underpinned with competence and skill, in order to deliver recovery-focused treatment.  In my clinical work, as documented in my Doctoral research, I have extended Gendlin’s Focusing therapeutic intervention to assist individuals to work with painful and traumatic experiences.  This proven method of reprocessing emotionally painful past events is more than a desensitising of that traumatic experience as it liberates my clients through breaking old patterns of behaviour and in doing so, aids the process of true healing. The event is remembered as having occurred but the debilitating impact and the emotional intensity are greatly reduced. 

My clients are extremely appreciative of the important role I perform and frequently acknowledge my caring nature, competence and professionalism.  Determined, compassionate and intelligent, I have earned a reputation as a creative thinker and a person who can offer a considered, evidenced based, treatment alternative.   

I chose psychology as my field of endeavour as a result of my own personal journey.  Having experienced trauma myself from a young age, I struggled to find competent counsellors and psychologists to assist me in my recovery. I began a quest to reinvent myself and in 2001, I undertook thirteen years of study, graduating from Monash, Melbourne, and La Trobe Universities, obtaining a range of tertiary credentials, including a Graduate Diploma, a Bachelor Degree, and Doctorate qualifications. I am currently enrolled at Swinburne University in a Masters degree to continue this intellectual pursuit. 

 I deliver training to practitioners to enable them to provide more comprehensive services for their own clients and thus improve their standard of care.  My uniquely structured workshops, within the framework of international standards for practitioners seeking to work with Emotion Focused Therapy, ensures training is transformational for both practitioner and client. 

In the future, I intend to continue making a positive contribution to my profession by expanding my current training program, both locally and internationally, to thereby help shape the industry to become more people-focused and less medically orientated.  As a firm believer in the role of government to support community mental health initiatives, I continue to lobby for important issues in my role as Chair of the APS National Executive of the Counselling College. 

If you would like an appointment with me please click on the link below and I will contact you.  As a passionate advocate for those who may struggle to find a voice, I can at times provide low cost psychological services to the disadvantaged.

My practice welcomes the LGBTQI Community. 


Harte Felt Psychology has networks to several psychologists, many who specialize in EFT along with other disciplines. Please fill out the form via the Contact Melissa button and if I feel you require assistance I am unable to provide I will refer you to a colleague who I think will best suit your circumstances.  Harte Felt Psychology seeks the very best care for all clients and that includes finding the right person with whom you feel most comfortable to work with.