About Dr. Melissa Harte

Melissa Harte

Hello and welcome.  I am a nationally renowned Counselling Psychologist providing support and assistance to people to help improve their lives,  approaching all psychological issues from a holistic perspective.  My diverse range of services includes; face-to-face counselling, training, supervision and professional development within an Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) framework for  which I am an internationally recognised EFT Trainer.

In 2010 I instituted the Centre for Emotion Focused Practice and in 2014 moved on to establish The Harte Felt Centre as a safe, ethical, research-based home for client-centred healing practices in Australia, providing a supportive community for both practitioners and clients.  In 2015 the Emotion Focused Therapy international community came together to formulate an international standard for training.  In response to this The Harte Felt Centre has been absorbed as the Australian Institute for Emotion Focused Therapy  - AIEFT and I have taken it's inaugural role of Training and Programs Director.  A list of training courses is available below.

Harte Felt Psychology is my private practice located in South Yarra.  To contact me please click on the 'learn more' link for details.

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Current Courses in Emotion Focused Therapy Training

AIEFT - Levels 1-2 EFT Training

Semester 2 2017

AIEFT - Level 3 EFT Training

  Semester 2 2017.

EFT Trauma Training 2017

Semester Two